Brow Wax                        $15

Lip Wax                           $10

Chin Wax                         $15

Sideburn Wax                  $10

Full Face Wax                  $45

Underarm Wax                 $20

Arm Wax Full                   $40

Arm Wax Half                   $20

Leg Wax Full                    $50-$60

Leg Wax Half                    $30

Bikini Wax                         $25

Brazilian Wax                    $55

Brazilian 3-Pack                $122

Brazilian Maintenance       $48 (every 4 weeks)

Buttocks Wax                    $20

Vajazzle Design                 $8+

Manzillian Wax                  $80+

Manzillian Maintenance     $70

Back Wax                          $40

Chest Wax                         $40-$50

Nose Wax                          $10

Ear Wax                             $10

Now offering Vajazzling!

What is Vajazzling? Vajazzling is a process that involves adorning the "top-V" with sparkling Swarovski crystals, a beautiful glitter design or a little bit of both.  

We offer many different beautiful designs to choose from or create your own design.

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